Hilltop Speedway
Including Racing Event 6/15/18
Total Points Car # Driver
480 8K Kevin Potts
477 77 David Potts
436 3 Trae Schonauer
279 44 Rusty Redman
277 21D Bob Daugherty
244 4 Steve Hursey
186 68 Paul Holmes
176 83 Jordan James
126 23D Dustin Daugherty
100 5J Jeff Lathem
92 463 Daniel Sanchez
88 45c Bob Chilcote
88 0K Rolly Heyder
86 1/57 Logan Yelton
86 771 Brandon Craver
84 15 Larry Jarrett
84 33K Kyle Michalo
82 17 Mike McElravy
80 10 Derrick Ganson




RULES 2018



Raceivers and Transponders are Mandatory.  Transponders must be on the mid-plate.

These rules and regulations will apply to all racing classes at Hilltop Speedway events. Hilltop Speedway official shall have full authority over all Street Stock events. At the discretion of the official (s) in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rules violation, hazardous equipment or actions.


    All vehicles are subject to inspections by an official at any time. Approval of the participants race vehicle; or other equipment; by an official Inspector shall mean only that the vehicle is approved for participation in a competitive event, and shall not be constructed in any way to mean or imply that the vehicle is guaranteed to be mechanically sound or safe. Be it further known that neither Hilltop Speedway nor its Officials shall be held liable for any mechanical failure or fitness; nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from the same.


    Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike  may be but are not limited to suspension,no pay, no points and legal action.


    Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be consumed by driver or their pit crews prior to, or during an event. Use, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs at any time can be cause for immediate and/or indefinite suspension along with legal action.


    All drivers under (18) years of age; proof of age is required. Must have signed and notarized consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Said document shall be in possession of the Hilltop Speedway before participation in any event.


    All cars are subject to inspection before competing in any event. Top five (5) cars after the feature are required to stop in designated inspection area. If found illegal you will forfeit all money and points for that night. If found illegal a second time you will forfeit all money and points for the season and barred for not less than two (2) weeks.


    Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway may result in permanent suspension at the track and legal action. 

 Failure to furnish a social security number, or providing a false social security number, will result in a $500 fine to the participant and possible legal action by IRS. 

     Any driver, owner, pit crew, or anyone associated with a car that enters the scoring tower or flag stand will lose pay for the evening, be fined $100, and have a two (2) week suspension. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! No one is to approach the flag stand or scoring tower at any time for any reason unless told to do so by track official. 

      Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, or pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike conduct may be but are not limited to suspension, no pay, no points, and legal action. 

 Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway will result in immediate expulsion from the track and other disciplinary actions pending an investigation up to and including permanent suspension at the track and legal action.  Entering into other people’s pits for confrontation purposes is strictly prohibited.  If confrontation in another person’s pit area leads to a physical altercation, the person entering another person’s pit area in anger with intent to confront will be disciplined.

Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Hilltop Speedway's decisions are final!







    Any American manufactured, steel bodied, production car or mini truck. No subcompacts, i.e.. Pinto, Vega, etc. are allowed. Body skirts are permitted minimum ground clearance 5 inches.


    Aftermarket bodies steel or aluminum are permitted. No exotic bends, rolls or tucks will be permitted.


    All doors must be bolted or welded shut. All exterior chrome, moldings, etc must be removed.


    No chopping, shortening, or cutting of body is permitted, except to allow for tire clearance.


    Front inner fender wells may be removed.


    Rear wheel tubs and trunk area may be removed from car.


      A steel or aluminum rear firewall must be installed to seal off the rear trunk area of car  from driver compartment. Patches over holes permitted.


Drivers cockpit must be able to exit right side of car.


    Rub rails, no bigger than one inch by two inches (1” x 2”) may be attached to the body from the fender well. These must be mounted flush with the body.


    A rear spoiler may be used. Spoiler may not exceed seven inches (7”) of material. Spoiler may be no wider than the body of the car. Side supports permitted but maximum material, 12" long by 7" high.


     Aftermarket nosepieces are allowed, however, these nosepieces must be mounted in such a manner that the nose of the car appears unaltered and “fits” the rest of the cars body.


    Body must be neatly painted. Numbers must be at least eighteen inches (18”) high and three inches (3”) thick on roof and sides.


    Car must have front and  rear bumpers of adequate strength. No sharp edges.


    All cars must be equipped with front and  rear tow hooks. These shall be strong enough to support the weight of the car and be easily accessible by track personal and wrecker crews.  


    No glass permitted. 3 bars (minimum) in front of driver mandatory, screen optional.


    Interior of car must be completely stripped of upholstery, plastic, glass and chrome. No mirrors allowed.


    Steel floorboard in drivers compartment mandatory


    All bodies must remain level from front to rear.

    Max width across rear of car at any point is 68”. unless it is a complete factory body unaltered and its original spec is wider than that.


    Sides of bodies cannot be flat minimum of 1 brake.


    Minimum roof height is 14”  from tops of doors.


    Roof cannot be sloped front to back or side to side more than 1”.


    No exotic bodies, roofs or noses of any kind. If we do not like it you will not run it.


    Max deck height is 38”


    All cars must state on the body what kind it is visible from the grandstands. (ex. Monte carlo, camaro etc.)




    Full frame and uni-body cars allowed.


Uni-body cars must have, front and rear frame, tied together on both sides using a 2”x 3” Rectangle or 2"x 2" square x .083” minimum wall thickness. Must have stock front clip. Rear frame section must remain stock from the center of rear axel forward. Absolutely no widening of the frame.


    Minimum wheelbase is 105 inches.


    Roll cage must consist of continuous hoops not less than 1.5 inches outside diameter; and must have a wall thickness of at least .095 inches. Low carbon, mild steel tubing is recommended. No brazing or soldering allowed. Must be welded.


    Must be frame mounted a minimum of four (4) places. Roll cage must be securely supported and braced.


    Driver’s head must not protrude above cage with helmet on and strapped in drivers’ seat.


    Driver door bars must be as parallel with the ground as possible, and located perpendicular to the driver as to provide maximum protection for the driver, but without causing undue difficulty in getting into or out of vehicle. Door bars must be no less than .095 thickness. Must have three (3) bars at least 1 ½” in diameter in driver’s door and must have at least two (2) bars in passenger door.


    The door bars must be welded to the front and rear of the roll cage members and plated with steel (minimum 1/8”) or aluminum (minimum ¼”)


    Bracing in front of radiator permitted, but must remain behind the front bumper.


    All parts of the roll cage assembly must be kept within the confines of the body of the car.


Safety Equipment

    Helmets are required and must meet Snell sa95 standards. Helmet must accompany vehicle at all times of inspection. Helmet should not be cracked or chipped.


    All competitors must wear fire suits of a flame-retardant nature. Two-piece suits are allowed. Fire resistant gloves and shoes are highly recommended.


    Fire extinguishers are required; must be charged and properly mounted (not taped in) within drivers’ reach. Onboard fire suppression system is highly recommended.


    Metal (aluminum) racing seat is required. No fiberglass seats!


Competition type seat belts are required. Belts must be at least three inches (3”) wide. Lap belts, shoulder belts and anti-submarine straps are required. No factory type seat belts permitted. Buckles required on shoulder and seat belts. Belts must be anchored securely to frame/roll cage. Seat belts should be in good shape (no tears or fraying)


     Racing fuel cells are required and must be mounted by at least two (2) steel straps, two inches (2”) wide by one-eighth inch (1/8”) thick, around the cell. Fuel cells must be enclosed in a steel container and mounted behind rear axle. No part of fuel cell should be lower than the bottom part of the rear ends center section. Bladders are recommended. Fuel cells are limited to twenty-two (22) gallon maximum capacity.


    A kill switch is required. Switch must be located within easy reach of the driver and must be able to be reached when standing outside of the car. Switch should be labeled ON/OFF easily visible from driver’s side window.


    Batteries must be securely mounted and shielded. Batteries if mounted inside the driver’s compartment must be shielded.


    Loose objects and/or weights may not be used in driver’s compartment or outside the body or hood area


    No two way radios!


Wheel & Spacers

    26.5 or 27.5 American Racer JSR Stocker med or 26.5 or 27.5 American Racer TSMA hard On rear…. Front tires can be any 8 inch American Racer or Hoosier.  


    Eight inches (8”) steel wheels only.


    Reinforcement of the right front wheel is required, or a racing wheel may be used.


    Bead Lock wheels are permitted.


      No wide five wheels. One-inch (1”) lug nuts are mandatory. Larger studs may be          installed                


Transmission, Bellhousing & Clutch

No “in and out” boxes. With motor running and car in still position, driver must be able to engage the car and move forward, then stop and engage the car and move backwards. NO DOG CLUTCHES OR QUICK CHANGE TRANSMISSIONS!


    Transmission must have at least one forward gear and one reverse gear, plus a neutral position, and must be able to be shifted by the driver.


    Triple disc clutch allowed.


    Power glide transmission allowed with coupler.


Racing transmissions will be permitted –bert, brinn, falcon, etc.



    Cast iron block and heads are required. No 14 degree heads allowed.  An aluminum intake manifold is optional.


    Engine offset must be kept within two inches (2”) of the centerline of the front cross member.


    Motor mount locations cannot be removed or altered on block.


    Castings and fittings must not be changed or altered on block.


    No “dry-sump” systems allowed.


    Engine cooling system may be modified.


    Headers are permitted, No “grass burner” headers will be allowed. Headers may not point to ground.


    Mufflers are not mandatory but are highly recommended.


    All vehicles must have the capability of starting without being pushed or pulled.


    #1 Plug no further back than center of ball joint!


     No external coil magnetos.


      Absolutely no type of traction control will be permitted.



Carburetor limited to (1) 4 barrel. Gas only no Alcohol. Hilltop Speedway reserves the right remove and install our fuel in your car at any time.


    Engine must be normally aspirated; no type of fuel injection allowed.


    No electrical or belt driven fuel pumps. Mechanical only.


    Gasoline is the only fuel allowed. No Nitrous Oxide or additives of any kind.


    No E85 Fuel or Methanol


Drive Shaft

    Drive shaft must be steel and must be painted white. Drive shaft loop is required and must be constructed of at least (1/4” x 2”) steel; tubular hoops must be made of a minimum of one inch (1”) diameter tubing and must be mounted no more than eight (8") inches back from the front of the drive shaft.


Rear Ends

    Any OEM passenger car type, or truck type rear ends may be used. “Floaters” are permitted. Ford nine-inch rear ends are allowed to be used in all brands of cars.


    No aluminum allowed except lowering blocks, axle caps, and drive plate.


    No quick-change devices allowed.


    “Posi-track” rear ends are allowed. “Locking “ rear ends are allowed



In cockpit steering may be modified to driver’s taste, but must remain on left side of car.


    Steering box and components must be OEM. Steering box must remain within original bolt pattern for type of frame used.


    No rack and pinion steering allowed.


    Steering quickener permitted



    All cars will have brakes in operating condition on all four wheels. Brakes must be operational on all four wheels and must lock up on all four wheels during inspection.


    OEM brake calipers only. Brake rotors may not be modified, drilled full of holes, machined down, etc.



    Multi leaf springs are allowed. Mono leaf springs are NOT allowed. Aftermarket springs and shocks permitted.


    Any coil springs on the car must be minimum of 6 inches (6”) in diameter.


Adjustable arms may be used, but suspension will maintain OEM size, shape, and design.  No springs in rod push or pull.


    No torque arms and/or lift bars are permitted.


    No panhard bars or torque links.


    Must mount in stock location on frame.


    Weight jacks are optional. No Hydraulic or mechanical jacking devices are allowed.


    Aftermarket tubular A Arms are permitted on upper  but must remain in stock location


    Stock passenger car spindles only. No fabricated spindles.


    One shock per wheel only. Does not have to remain in stock location. Springs and/or shocks are not allowed anywhere on the car other than at each wheel.


    No adjustable shocks.


    No aluminum shocks


    No coil over shocks or springs allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS.


     Weight limit


    Minimum weight after race with driver 3000 lbs. Hilltop Speedways scales are the official weighing device for all events.



    Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Hilltop Speedway's decisions are final!


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