Hilltop Speedway
Including Racing Event 6/1/18
Total Points Car # Driver
490 10 Rolly Heyder
464 3 Blake Heyder
452 31 Zoe Stafford
432 O15 Logan Duncan
412 69 David Reed
404 58 Jerry Gardner
256 21 Dwayne Powell
248 7 Nick Large
170 9 Mason Radcliff
166 13C Jeremy Williamson
162 5 John Reihl
95 J52 Josey Lillibridge
92 24F Frankie Weight
86 316 Ben Hower
86 77 Tom Garlick
84 13c Chris Asbury
76 72 Derek Cordia




Raceivers and Transponders are Mandatory. Transponders must be 72 to 74 inches back from the front bumper.

These rules and regulations will apply to all racing classes at Hilltop Speedway events. Hilltop Speedway official shall have full authority over all Truck events. At the discretion of the official (s) in charge, any competitor may be disqualified for rules violation, hazardous equipment or actions.

        All vehicles are subject to inspections by an official at any time. Approval of the participants race vehicle; or other equipment; by an official Inspector shall mean only that the vehicle is approved for participation in a competitive event, and shall not be constructed in any way to mean or imply that the vehicle is guaranteed to be mechanically sound or safe. Be it further known that neither Hilltop Speedway nor its Officials shall be held liable for any mechanical failure or fitness; nor for any losses, injuries or death resulting from the same.

        Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike may be but are not limited to suspension, no pay, no points and legal action.

        Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will be consumed by driver or their pit crews prior to, or during an event. Use, distribution, or sale of illegal drugs at any time can be cause for immediate and/or indefinite suspension along with legal action.

        All drivers under (18) years of age; proof of age is required. Must have signed and notarized consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Said document shall be in possession of the Hilltop Speedway before participation in any event.

        All cars are subject to inspection before competing in any event. Top five (5) cars after the feature are required to stop in designated inspection area. If found illegal, you will forfeit all money and points for that night. If found illegal a second time you will forfeit all money and points for the season and barred for not less than two (2) weeks.


    Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway may result in permanent suspension at the track and legal action. 

 Failure to furnish a social security number, or providing a false social security number, will result in a $500 fine to the participant and possible legal action by IRS. 

     Any driver, owner, pit crew, or anyone associated with a car that enters the scoring tower or flag stand will lose pay for the evening, be fined $100, and have a two (2) week suspension. THIS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED! No one is to approach the flag stand or scoring tower at any time for any reason unless told to do so by track official. 

      Any un-sportsmanlike conduct by a driver, owner, or pit crewmember shall be grounds for disqualification and/or punitive action. DRIVERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT AND ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW MEMBERS. Consequences for unsportsmanlike conduct may be but are not limited to suspension, no pay, no points, and legal action. 

 Any physical contact with any track staff or official at Hilltop Speedway will result in immediate expulsion from the track and other disciplinary actions pending an investigation up to and including permanent suspension at the track and legal action.  Entering into other people’s pits for confrontation purposes is strictly prohibited.  If confrontation in another person’s pit area leads to a physical altercation, the person entering another person’s pit area in anger with intent to confront will be disciplined.

Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time. Hilltop Speedway's decisions are final!


Transponders mandatory


Truck: Any stock 4 or 6 cylinder American or foreign made passenger truck. Four wheel drive vehicles are prohibited.

Body: Must be a stock appearing OEM steel body. All exterior trim and moldings must be removed.   aftermarket Nose pieces ok  . No scoops, fins or valances lower than the front bumper. Roof and roof supports MUST be stock steel. Front fender, quarter panels and hood MUST be stock steel. Cutting on body for tire clearance will be allowed and may remove inner fenders. Truck bed may be covered by aluminum or steel (24” inspection door required). The bed must have either a floor or a cover. There are to be no "totally open" beds. Tailgate or "skin" of a tailgate must also be present. Tailgate surface must be solid (no holes in it). Wheel drapes and rear-end drapes are not permitted. Body must match engine manufacturer: Ford-to-Ford, GM-to-GM, Mopar-to-Mopar, etc…

  aftermarket nose pieces. Ok  keep as stock looking as possible no late model noses cut down to fit


Rub Rails: Rub rails no bigger than 1 x 2 may be attached to body from fender well to fender well.

Spoiler: Surface of spoiler must be no more than 6 inches maximum. If a "lip" is at the top of the spoiler, that is considered part of the six inches.

Doors: All doors must be welded shut.

Bumpers: Must be presentable and free of all sharp edges.

Appearance: Truck must be neat in appearance, body damage must be repaired, and hood must be removable for inspection.

Interior: Interior must be completely gutted. Interior must remain open, no tubing allowed. All window openings must remain open. All flammable material must be removed. The dash is optional. Must have stock steel floor pan and stock firewall on both sides. No rearview mirrors of any kind are permitted.

Seat: A properly mounted aluminum racing style seat must be used with a right side head rest.

Roll Cage: Must have four post design roll cage using 1-1/2 by .095 wall minimum round tubing must be used. The cage must be welded to the frame or bolted to both floor and roof using steel plates. The bars must extend at least 2 inches above drivers head and include two bars on the driver’s side. 2 bars on the right side, a bar connecting the front posts immediately above or below the steering column. All bars near the driver must be covered with padding. May have bars from back of cage to rear of truck. Entire roll cage must be constructed with ROUND TUBING ONLY and no solid bars.

Intrusion Plate: An intrusion protection plate MUST be on the outside of the bars (inside the body skin) using minimum 1/8" steel or minimum 1/4" aluminum. Plating to cover the entire door area from the floor pan to the top bar, front post to rear post.

Belts: A five-point safety harness belt are required and must be fastened to cage or frame. All belts must be in good condition no tears or fraying. Driver will be given one warning to get belts replaced before the next race. The second warning, the belts must be replaced before the truck will be allowed to participate in any further competition activities.

Battery: No battery will be allowed in the driver's compartment. Battery must be inside an approved battery box, and in the bed area of the truck. A "kill battery" switch must be mounted and clearly labeled on the dash of the truck in case of emergency.

Drive Shaft and Loop: A drive shaft loop is required and must be at least 1/4 x 2 steel or 1/4 chain and should be mounted no more than 6 inches back from front of drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white and have the number of truck marked on it.

Fuel Cell and Lines Tank must be securely mounted (2 straps North/South and 2 straps East/West). Firewall MUST be between fuel tank and drivers compartment. FUEL CELLS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If fuel lines are run through inside of truck cab it must be inside of conduit.

Tow Hooks: Must have tow hooks on front and back, hooks must be easily accessible by tow truck operators.

Windows: Must have 3 bars minimum in front window area in front of driver’s head, screen optional. Driver’s side window net is mandatory. All glass must be removed. NO WINDSHIELDS!!

Chassis/Frame: Must be a stock full frame no widening or modifications of any kind.

Weight: Weight ballast MUST be painted white and have number of truck painted on them. Added weight or ballast must be securely fastened.

Repairs: May use tubing for reinforcement and repair of original frame. If a section of the stock frame is cut out it must be replaced with a stock piece of frame.

Steering and Front Suspension: Steering must be factory OEM for your year and make of truck.. Racing "quick steer" are permitted. Quick release steering wheel is permitted. Racing shocks and racing springs allowed. No aluminum shocks. No adjustable shocks.

Front: Front suspension must be an unaltered OEM and in stock location and must be replaceable by stock parts from same type suspension. Stock passenger car spindles only, no fabricated spindles. Bottom A-frames cannot be changed or moved. Only one shock per wheel. Stabilizer bars are permitted. No weight jacks allowed. Tubular upper a frames may be used but must be stock dimensions. In stock mounts.

Rear: Rear suspension must be stock OEM for your year and make of truck. Stabilizer bar is permitted. No added lift arms or pull-bars allowed. No upper torque links or pan-hard bars allowed. Leaf or coil springs are to be no more than 6 inches. There are to be no coil overs. Lowering blocks may be used. Racing shocks and racing springs allowed. No aluminum shocks.

Rear End: Any OEM car or truck rear end, no quick-change devices. No aluminum aftermarket rear-ends allowed. Spools or locking devices are allowed.

Transmission: STOCK AUTOMATICS or 3, 4 or 5 Speed Transmissions ONLY!! No racing transmissions, Brin or Bert's . When the clutch pedal is pushed in the car must not move. When the clutch is left out the car must move. All manual transmission trucks must have a working clutch. No aluminum flywheels, single disk clutches only, no mini clutches.

Brakes: Must have 4 wheel brakes and lock up during inspection. Stock type disc brakes may be used but no aluminum or racing style calipers or rotors may be used. No shut off devices allowed. OEM type master cylinders only.

Tires and Wheels:  Tire and rim must be 8 inches any soft, medium, or hard compound. Bead lock wheels permitted right side only. Wheels must be mounted with lug nuts. No “knock-off” mounting devices allowed. Over-sized lug-nuts recommended.

Engine: Any 4 or 6 cylinder engine matching body of truck. Engine must have been available for the truck.(See "Body" rule above.) No rotary engines, superchargers, or Turbo’s allowed. The engine must have a working starter and a stock type ignition No MSD style ignition boxes allowed. Engine must pull 18 vacuum at 800 rpm.

Alignment: The engine must be in stock location.

Intake: Factory only intakes. Factory fuel injection or throttle body or a Holly 4412 (unmodified) carburetor. 2” max height allowed for adapting 4412 carburetor.

Fuel: Gasoline fuels only, no alcohol or other fuels allowed.

Headers: Stock headers with verifiable part number stamped on them are allowed. No aftermarket headers permitted. Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds only.

Condition and Appearance: All trucks must be in good operational condition, presentable in appearance and in general safe condition. All trucks are subject to judgment of the inspection officials. No wings or tunnels of any type permitted under the truck.

Number Appearance: Car numbers must be a minimum of 18” high on the car doors and roof or rear deck. Do not use reflective colors. Do not spray paint numbers on. Duplicate numbers are not permitted. Drivers are responsible for making sure that the numbers are legible for score keeping.

Driver Safety: All drivers must wear an approved (one or two piece) fire suit that is in good condition, an approved full-face helmet; Shoes and racing gloves are highly recommended. A driver’s side window net is required. A minimum of one (1) 2 lb. fully charged, properly mounted and easily accessible (by the driver) fire extinguisher is required.

Electronics: No radios or other communication devices are permitted. No “in-cockpit driver controlled” electronic devices of any kind allowed. Also no computer controlled devices of any kind permitted. Factory electronics are permitted.

Passengers: No one shall be allowed to ride on or in the car as a passenger on the track at any time.

Traction Control: Use of any type of “traction control” is absolutely forbidden in any event. In other words, any device, controlled by mechanical, electrical, and/or computer is considered “traction control". No cockpit or driver controlled ignition timing or fuel delivery devices.


  1. Hilltop Speedway reserves the right to confiscate any part/s they suspect as traction control from any car, at any time, for as long as it would be necessary to determine if said part(s) is or is not classified as an illegal traction control device. If device is found to be legal, device will be returned as soon as practicable to owner. If part(s) are found to be illegal, said part(s) will be sacrificed to Hilltop Speedway.
  2. Any competitor (driver) on whose car illegal part(s) were found shall be found in violation of stated rules and will sacrifice all points and money.

Please Note: Any car that is determined to be unsafe, for any reason, by Track Officials, will not be allowed to participate in any event at that day's event.




11 or More Trucks
30 to start


10 Trucks or Less





30  to start