Saturday, May 18, 2013
Millersburg, Ohio
By Mike Swanger
 The ADRA presented by Sudden Link pulled into Hilltop Speedway Saturday night for the first annual Jerry Reed Memorial race. Reed was the track chaplain since the track reopened back in 2006 and had passed to be with the Lord in Heaven during the off season. Wooster's Doug Drown started the night out by setting the Dzugan Fire and Rescue fast time and then with the ADRA's driver redraw of the six fastest pulled the #1 pill to start on the pole of the dash but it was George Lee taking the win from the second starting position. At the start of the 30 lap main, Lee set the pace for the opening 13 circuits with Drown right with him and as they started into lapped traffic, Lee got blocked and Drown went low to swipe the point and Lee would now become the chaser. Behind the two front runners, JR Gentry, Rod Conley, Charlie Duncan, Scott Peltz, Rick Bond and Ryan Markham were bunched together for the third spot. At the 10 to go mark, Drown and his Weekley Electric and Wooster Glass #63 had opened up about a five car length lead of Lee as Duncan, Gentry and Conley in the top five as Bond, Markham and Todd Brennan was battling for position. The caution flew on lap 24 when Markham was charged for spinning out Brennan. Using the Delaware restart line up for the restart, Drown stayed out front as Gentry powered past Duncan for third and then with three laps to go moved past Lee for second. Coming out of turn four with the white flag waving, Gentry was able to show his nose to Drown but could not make the pass as Drown won his third feature of the season at Hilltop. Lee and Duncan trailed as Brennan passed Conley on the next to last lap for fifth. Heat winners were Duncan and Markham
 The Raceday Photos Modifieds had two features to race with the make up of last week first on tap first and Robin Duston would lead the way for the first two laps before Kevin Morehouse would put the Morehouse Logging, Ports Petroleum, Sam's Used Cars #r88 out front for good as Norm Aronhalt moving by Duston into second on lap five but he could not track down Morehouse. Duston held on to third as Matt Samples and Vic Hottinger filled out the top five. Aronhalt would set fast time for the regular night of racing but it was Morehouse winning the dash to set on the pole of the feature and breeze to his second feature win of the night With Aronhalt having to change a flat tire early and going to the back of the field, Duston, Hottinger and Samples continued their close quarters racing from the first feature and finish in that order and collect their second top five finishes of the evening with heat winner Rick Mardis claiming fifth. Jimmy Smith also picked up a heat win.
 Bob Daugherty and Matt Shroyer won the heats to start on the front row of the Street Stock main but Brandon Gardner was the one putting the early pressure on Daugherty and with those two hugging the bottom groove, Coshocton's Shroyer was searching for his fast line. Bob Chilcote, Ryan Wisecarver and a pair of Kyle's, Dickinson and Moore went back and forth for a top five finish. The yellow flag waved on lap seven and when the green flew again, Shroyer and his Service Welding #15s found the high groove to his liking and roared past Daugherty and Gardner two laps later to pull away for the win. Gardner slipped past Daugherty on lap ten for second as Chilcote outlasted Wisecarver for fourth.
 The Thompson's Garage Mini Stocks also did double features as Wooster's Brad Hensel and his Sportsman's Bar and DJ Directional Services #28 went flag to flag in the make up feature for the win as Billy Parsons, Jordan James, Gary Hensel Jr. and Blaine Markey trailed. Jerry Adkins, Parsons and Jason St. John won the heats for the regular portion of the show with Parsons setting the pace for the first four laps when Loudonville's Jordan James took over and then park the Lochevale Farms, E.A Construction and Thompson's Memorials #83 in victory circle for the third time this year. Brad Hensel took second with St. John, Parsons and Adkins rounding out the top five.
 The youngter's in the Mike Service Mini Wedges continue to put on some exciting races as Livia Large of Warsaw fended off Braxton Wilson to post her first win of the season as Tanner McLoughlin beat out Hannah Rose on the last lap for third with Aiden Fritter capturing fifth. Destinie Bates topped the second feature over Tristen Brown, Karyssa Beagle, Nick Large and Kyla Dillon.. Heat winners were Rose, Olivia Large and Wilson.
 Regular racing continues with all six divisions back on the racing card with Driver's Autograph night which will take place after hot laps and qualifying.
Saturday, May 18,2013
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier   Doug Drown  14.192
Dash     George Lee, Drown, Rod Conley, JR Gentry, Scott Peltz, Rick Bond
Heat  1  Charlie Duncan, Shane McLoughlin, Wayne Maffett Jr., Eric Smitley, Weston Hutchinson, Aaron Phillis, Brian Giaugue
Heat  2  Ryan Markham, Todd Brennan, Mike Lonas, Dave Hornikel, Bryan Casey, Doug Kenworthy dns
Jerry Reed Memorial Feature  Doug Drown, JR Gentry, George Lee, Charlie Duncan, Todd Brennan, Rod Conley, Wayne Maffett Jr., Shane McLoughlin, Scott Peltz, Rick Bond, Ryan Markham, Aaron Phillis, Eric Smitley, Bryan Casey, Weston Hutchinson, Mike Lonas, Dave Hornikel, Brian Giaugue, Doug Kenworthy
May 11th Feature   Kevin Morehouse, Norm Aronhalt, Robin Duston, Matt Samples, Vic Hottinger, Hilton Eppley, Tim Arnold, Pauly Hess, Rick Mardis, Anthony Kinkade, Nathan Loney, John Sluka, Bruce Miller dns, Eric Singhaus dns, Robert Page dns, Nick Cox dns
Fast Qualifier   Norm Aronhalt  15.787
Dash     Kevin Morehouse, Matt Samples, Robin Duston, Casey Fritz, Aronhalt, Vic Hottinger
Heat  1  Jimmy Smith, Mike Mizer, Beau Bradley, Tory Gibbs, Hilton Eppley, John Sluka
Heat  2  Rick Mardis, Anthony Kinkade, Tim Arnold, Pauly Hess, Nathan Loney dns
Feature  Kevin Morehouse, Robin Duston, Vic Hottinger, Matt Samples, Rick Mardis, Casey Fritz, John Sluka, Beau Bradley, Norm Aronhalt, Hilton Eppley, Tim Arnold, Pauly Hess, Jimmy Smith, Tory Gibbs, Anthony Kinkade, Mike Mizer, Nathan Loney dns
Heat  1   Bob Daugherty, Brandon Gardner, Ryan Wisecarver, Charlie Dawson, Brian Simpson, Mark Fergunson, Scott Wolford
Heat  2   Matt Shroyer, Bob Chilcote, Randy Gray, Jason Shairer, Kyle Dickinson, Kyle Moore
Feature   Matt Shroyer, Brandon Gardner, Bob Daugherty, Bob Chilcote, Ryan Wisecarver, Kyle Dickinson, Kyle Moore, Brian Simpson, Randy Gray, Jason Shairer, Mark Fergunson, Charlie Dawson, Scott Wolford dns
May 11th Feature   Brad Hensel, Billy Parsons, Jordan James, Gary Hensel Jr., Blaine Markey, Jason St. John, Terry Adkins, Trae Schonauer, Dustin Daugherty, Jerry Adkins, JR Carpenter, Blaine Markey, Arlen Kemp, Mike Rose, Tim Workman, Colton Priebe, James Priebe
Heat  1   Jerry Adkins, KC Butler, JR Carpenter, Blaine Markey, Arlen Kemp, Kevin Markey, Mike Rose, Samantha St. John
Heat  2   Billy Parsons, Brad Hensel, Jordan James, Trae Schonauer, Gary Hensel Sr., James Priebe, Kevin Matthew, Colton Priebe
Heat  3   Jason St. John, Dustin Daugherty, Tim Workman, Matt Kemp, Gary Hensel Jr., Chris Priebe dns
'B' Main  James Priebe, Gary Hensel Sr., Kevin Markey, KC Butler, Gary Hensel Jr., Kevin Matthew, Samantha St. John, Terry Adkins
Feature   Jordan James, Brad Hensel, Jason St. John, Billy Parsons, Jerry Adkins, JR Carpenter, James Priebe, Blaine Markey, Matt Kemp, Gary Hensel Sr., Trae Schonauer, Tim Workman, Kevin Matthew, Gary Hensel Jr., Kevin Markey, Mike Rose, Arlen Kemp, 23d DQ'D
Heat  1  Hannah Rose, Kyla Dillon, Cadien Black, Logan Duncan, Nick Large, Tristen Brown dns
Heat  2  Livia Large, Tanner McLoughlin, Zoe Stafford, Brooke Dawson, Blake Morris, Billy Dawson
Heat  3  Braxton Wilson, Taylor Huggins, Aiden Fritter, Destinie Bates, Karyssa Beagle, Chase Settles
Feature A   Livia Large, Braxton Wilson, Tanner McLoughlin, Hannah Rose, Aiden Fritter, Taylor Huggins, Logan Duncan, Zoe Stafford, Cadien Black
Feature B   Destinie Bates, Tristen Brown, Karyssa Beagle, Nick Large, Kyla Dillon, Chase Settles, Blake Morris, Billy Dawson, Brooke Dawson